Terms of Use

Updated: 21.09.2020

The Denarius.cc investment platform provides services in accordance with the Terms and Conditions set out below.
You should periodically review the Terms on a regular basis. If the user does not agree with any of the clauses of this agreement, or if he has doubts that he will not fulfill all the conditions, he needs to stop registering.

Account Creation in Denarius.cc

Opening an account with Denarius.cc is a voluntary and independent decision of each investor. The user can only open one account with Denarius.cc and make additional deposits. The creation of an account begins with the procedure for entering the investor identification data. This information can be provided at the discretion of the user and will then be used to log into the client area.

Investment Conditions

An investor can make a deposit using available electronic payment systems and withdraw money to this payment system. Your decision to open an account with Denarius.cc means that you agree to strictly comply with security measures, no exceptions.
a) The investor can create one or more deposits according to the presented investment plan.
b) Accrual of interest on deposits is made to the balance of the investor's account every hour, according to the investment plan.
c) The amount of charges in the system is regulated by the specified investment plan 4.0% (0.17% per hour) per day for an unlimited period.
d) Deposits can be refunded at any time after the first 24 hours.
e) Principal back anytime with 10% fee
f) The amount of funds withdrawn in the system - from $ 0.1, cryptocurrency - from $ 2. The number of withdrawals is not limited.
g) Withdrawal payments are instant.
h) Investments / withdrawals are made using the payment system Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer and available cryptocurrency systems.
i) Multi-accounts are prohibited in Denarius.cc - we stand for high-quality and transparent investment work.

Denarius.cc liability

Denarius.cc undertakes to fulfill the obligations under these conditions and the submitted investment plan with high quality.
Denarius.cc is responsible to the investor for the fulfillment of financial obligations for completed payment transactions and for the safety of the invested amounts and accrued interest.
Denarius.cc undertakes to be responsible for timely payments on the terms provided by the investment plan.
Denarius.cc does not disclose investor's personal information to third parties.
Denarius.cc is not related to any electronic payment system, the incorrect actions of which sometimes occur.
The temporary unavailability of the Denarius.cc website for technical reasons does not affect obligations and payments.

Responsibility of the Investor

The investor declares and warrants that at the time of agreement and acceptance of these conditions, he is 18 years of age or older and is fully capable.
The investor is personally responsible for all applicable taxes in their country.
The investor agrees to be solely responsible for any action performed using his personal account registration data on the Denarius.cc website.
The investor undertakes to individually observe and analyze the transactions carried out through his personal account, as well as for the damage caused to the investor as a result of third-party access.
The investor declares and guarantees the exclusion of multi-accounts upon registration.
The Investor guarantees that he will not use Denarius.cc services for illegal purposes or in a way that does not meet the conditions.


The purpose of Denarius.cc is to respect the confidentiality and security of the investor's personal information.
There is a set of measures aimed at the safety of the investor's personal information. However, the investor is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their account.
Any communication between the investor and Denarius.cc by email will be kept confidential. Denarius.cc may contact the investor by email with advertising materials and other data that are of interest in investment plan. Any correspondence between the investor and Denarius.cc is secret.

Affiliate Commission

The referral commission will help our investors regularly receive additional income. 4% -1% -1% commission is charged on the amount of the deposit made to the project by the investor's referral. Affiliate link for referrals are located in the investor's personal account and becomes active after registration. Every user can take part in the program. You don't need to have an active deposit to earn commissions under the affiliate program. The number of your referrals is not limited.

Site use rights

The Denarius.cc website and all content on it are intellectual property. All rights reserved. Subject to our terms and conditions of agreement, you can only view, download and print pages of the Denarius.cc website for personal use only.
Not allowed:
a) publish material as your property taken from the Denarius.cc website on any other resources on the Internet;
b) copy material from the Denarius.cc website and then rent or sell it as your property.

Changes to the Terms of Use

Amendments to the current terms and conditions may be reviewed by us after a certain period of time.
The new terms will apply when the new terms are posted on the pages of our website. In order to keep abreast of all events, we strongly recommend our users periodically view this page for the current version of the terms of use.

Third party rights

The third party cannot personally benefit from the terms of use. Also, a third party cannot enforce the terms, as these terms exist only for the user and the Denarius.cc website. Control over your and our rights, which are spelled out in the terms and conditions, should not bother a third party.

Full agreement

The agreement between us and you regarding your use of the Denarius.cc website in accordance with these terms supersedes the entire previous agreements that apply to your use of the Denarius.cc resource.