Privacy Policy

Updated: 21.09.2020

What information is collected by our platform?

To be able to receive payments from the website, you must register in a special form on the website. You must provide a valid email address, create a login and password. We use account number and other data for the management and administration of your account, we give the opportunity to use all the resources of the site. We securely store your personal information that you provide. We take from you only the minimum necessary personal data, without which it is impossible to conduct financial transactions and are not going to use them in our own interests or the interests of third parties, if the user does not give his consent. During the Internet session stores and updates statistics on the use of the service. This process stops after you exit the account or close the browser. This information is only technical data and there is no personal information.

Session cookies

For the convenience of users and to increase the efficiency of the project, we use "cookies" to interact with the user's browser. This is a special small file placed on your hard drive by the browser. Cookies do not collect any information, much less provide your data or email addresses. The only purpose is to understand that you have already visited our site for your own administrative purposes. When you visit us, the website reads "cookies" and immediately identifies you as a user. Our policy does not provide for the transfer of any personal user information to any third parties.

Data security

The website uses generally accepted confidentiality methods, such as session monitoring, network intrusion tracking, authentication, SSL encryption, to ensure the reliability of data transmission and storage, to prevent outside access and to ensure the correct processing of information.
Your information is protected by this communication process because it is encrypted and inaccessible to unauthorized connections. This is a guarantee against the possibility of interception and further use of your personal information.

Links to other sites

The website may contain links to other resources. We are not responsible for the confidentiality of other Internet projects. It is necessary to be smart about security issues and carefully study the policy confidentiality on other resources before using their services.

Anti-spam policy does not use spamming methods. Our marketing policy does not include mass mailings. We take active action if any of our users receive a newsletter on behalf of our company.
File a complaint with the text of the email and your email address for action.

Updating and correcting personal data

The site has the ability to change personal information at any time. The easiest way that each of our investors can use is to independently change any personal data in their personal account. Next, you need to confirm and save. In case of any technical failures or inability to use this method, please contact our support. Submit the required changes electronically by e-mail, and we will make the changes manually.

Policy changes

When you register on the site to use our services, you accept this privacy policy and note that terms may change at any time. Write reviews and comments that you would like to share with us to improve the site or security policy issues. Offer your additions to existing conditions.